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Moving company is the most important honest

why is a moving company in Guangzhou the most important honest? If the moving company is not honest in Guangzhou, moving customers through various channels to lodge complaints, claims, but encountered an honest customer, businesses can only sigh out of luck. Recently, some moving company was constantly play pranks on clients, in desperation, they had to appeal to the community, I hope you trust each other.

why is a moving company in Guangzhou the most important honest? Guangzhou mass moving company moving the public honest here moved a house usually takes four or five workers, but also to put off other businesses, prank a loss not small. Recently, some members of prank call to make an appointment, they can not contact customers before driving, generally have to wait half an hour or so to arrange the next single, which delays their time. Hit play, and delay time directly affects the income of movers.   Do move this line is the strength to eat, not easy to make money, I hope everyone can understand. He wants to pass this call on them like to trick members of the public can understand the difficulties of our moving company in Guangzhou, also between two people can be honest with each other.

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