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September 2011 to move what is auspicious days

many people want to know that in September in September and moved to move what is auspicious day? In fact, we all know that no days 7-10 days a month are moving day, but September 2011 moving day less relative moving day of the other months, only 6 days is moving day. Following mass moving company in Guangzhou for you a moving next September 2011 auspicious days, respectively?

September 2011 moving day

on September 04, 2011   lunar calendar August (small) 07th   Sunday   Virgo   Red Dragon (c e) North

on September 06, 2011   lunar calendar August (small) 09th   Tuesday   Virgo   Chong (e l) South

on September 10, 2011   lunar calendar August (small) 13th   Saturday   Virgo   red dog (ren-Shu)-South

on September 14, 2011   lunar calendar August (small) 17th   Wednesday   Virgo   red Tiger (c c) South

on September 23, 2011   lunar calendar August (small) 26th   Friday   Libra   red pig (HAI) East

on September 29, 2011   lunar calendar September (large) 03th   Thursday   Libra   red Snake (h) West

in September moved of friends to note has, due to September of moved day than less of reasons, himself also to ahead of do determine which days moved of select, if needed find moved company for its provides moved service, also to ahead of appointment good moved company, because September of moved day less, so moved company most in this 6 a moved day in the business compared good, if you didn't ahead of appointment good, then may will himself moved or to postponed to selected 10 copies have moved day has.

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