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How to diagnose moving auto transport noise

as a professional is responsible for moving companies in Guangzhou to how to diagnose noises in a moving auto transport? Following our first Guangzhou car squawk of the public moving company related diagnostic skills.

, shrill voice (metal hanging rubbing sound), may be the brakes fail.

Second, the sound of clicks (low noise): too little transmission fluid (automatic transmission limit).

third, major crash (continuous): by the crankshaft main bearing wear or damage due to the connecting rod.

four, minor explosion: show car need to do some adjustment or engine required for low-octane gasoline.

five, pounding (deep metallic thud): car spindle pulley loose crankshaft is worn or loose exhaust pipe.

six, short ear-piercing sound (sharp grinding noise): is due to damage of drum brake pad, car chassis needs lubricating, axle Springs caused by wear.

seven, long, sharp sounds: underinflated tires, the tyre of the front wheel alignment offset, loose or worn power steering, fans and air-conditioning compressor belt and other causes.

eight, the clicks (a crisp rhythmic sound of metal taps): may be due to loose wheel housings, bearing defective vehicles, loose fan blades or caused by low oil in the engine.


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