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Select what types of goods handling insurance?

when we were moving company in Guangzhou when damage occurs cargo during cargo handling, always wanted and the price of goods amounts to be closest, goods handling insurance can solve the above problem, let us take a look at our selection of mass moving companies in Guangzhou to carry insurance what kind?

removal of risk selection, handling of value-insured transportation goods: because the insured the basis of liability loss caused mainly because the railway responsibilities handling items, in order to reduce the accident compensation, must seriously handling accidents, but freight value-insured transportation was an integral part of the contract of carriage, and improving the quality of transport safety and quality of goods and services.

goods handling insurance option two, insuring goods transport insurance: insurance is because of natural disasters, accidents and other damage caused by the non-human factors, insurance companies are not involved in transportation management, compensation is a form of economic compensation for loss of the goods.

items handling insurance of select three, and not do insured transport goods: from goods Security told, goods transport management is by existing of railway goods management about regulations handle, but failed to get and insured goods as of special security of protection, so occurred damage goods poor of opportunities than insured goods big; from compensation aspects told, although not do insured also not do insurance, so without paid insured gold and insured gold, but because railway accepted goods Shi, regardless of goods of precious or not, are received goods weight charged freight, If there is poor and the damage compensation, compensation for the goods value.


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