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What are road transport mode of operation

about moving companies in Guangzhou road transport modes of operation are there? Moving in Guangzhou under the conditions of market economy, the moving company the organization usually has the following categories of road transport.

operations of road transport, public transport (Common Carrier)

this business professionals operating automobile cargo transportation business and society as a whole as the service object, its mode of operation are:

1. the regular line. No matter how much cargo, moving according to schedule on the fixed-route service.

2. alignment periodically. Depending on the load condition on the fixed-route service, sent a car.

3. the area periodically. According to cargo needs in a fixed area, sending a car.

road transport management, contract transport II (Contract Carrier)

by supporting the two sides signed a contract of carriage of goods. Signed a contract with are some of the largest enterprises in General, annual volume of larger and more stable. Contract terms are usually long, a short six months, one year, long up to several years. As stipulated in the contract, the shipper guarantees a certain amount of freight traffic, the carrier undertakes to provide the required capacity.


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